can't fit in a run?

Friday, January 11, 2013

because...I want to be healthy.
this is something I put together last spring.
good by itself or before a run.
x2 reps if you're daring!
xo h


  1. Awesome, thanks!
    The constant snow (6-7 inches) and ice and 12 degree temps make it hard to bike or run, which is what I do during the summer + spring + fall. I'm finding it hard to do things that work in the house, and this is great. :)

  2. Um, you're awesome and this is so helpful. THANK YOU. This is gonna be my go-to in the summer when dance is off. :)

  3. wow. this is exactly what i need ;)

  4. totally stealing this workout on the days that i'm not going a mile on the treadmill or elliptical.
    also for some reason "butt kickers" really makes me laugh and reminds me of natasha romanoff. maybe i've seen the avengers too many times. not possible, right? ;)

  5. done this morning. thanks dear, I started the day off right. :)