Monday, January 14, 2013

i dream of
having a tiny cabin tucked into the woods
adventuring with my man and littles
spending summers listening to the hum of a VW bus and watching the stars
living in a house in the country, trees tall as the sky is full
honey-mooning in New Zealand, year after year

i believe in
red lipstick for every girl
eating good food
dancing in the rain, sun, or snow
losing sleep and staying up late
listening to people, not just hearing
piano playing and song singing until you are out of words

i stand firm that
raspberries are better than chocolate
tucked white snow demands ugly sweaters
cheesy chick flicks are meant to be watched at two in the morning
pie counts as breakfast, dessert, and dinner
you are never too busy to read a book to a little
people and the stories they tell matter

i wish
people took more walks
we had the community of towns in the 1880's
cell phones weren't allowed at gatherings
society didn't measure beauty by the size of your waist
gas station food didn't exist
plane tickets were cheap

i know that
suffering is often linked with joy
the sky is meant to be thick with stars
once upon a time's are better than cheap romance novels
I love you is meant to be said often and meant always
vegetables you've grown taste the best
each day is a chance to love and give and live with all you have


  1. oh, so lovely, hannah; the photographs, but especially the words. such beautiful thoughts~

  2. you and your heart are beautiful. I love the things you've dedicated to this space.

  3. Oh how I love these lists of yours and how I love reading what you write, Hanners. ;) really.

    Blessings, friend!


  4. i love this. your heart is so brimming with life and beauty, friend. x

    ( the alcove )

  5. I agree with every little sentence, every word, every thought. I could copy down your writing and study it, that's how true your words feel to me.

  6. so true. you really have a beautiful heart.


  7. these words are so beautiful. truly.

  8. how did i not know this blog existed? my word. :) love this, Hannah. it's nice to find a little corner of a "big" blogger tucked away where they can share more of their heart. (not like you don't share your heart on your big blog... it just seems more personal. :))

    love this. :)