waiting & seeking

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'm in a really cool place in my life where there are so many crazy dreams coming to reality and I'm clinging to promises of God.

& at the same time, I'm surrendering other dreams and finding myself content to put them away, simply because I'm not ready for them yet. and I recognize that. a lot of what I wanted to do this year, back when I was dreaming about 2013 in july of 2012, I now see that it isn't the right place for me to be at. the doors that God closed are closed because I'm not at a place where I would get the most out of them. simply put, some things I wanted to do, I'm content to wait for God's timing with them, because I see that now isn't the right time.

realizing that it's not the right time and being content with that is something I've struggled with for so long. I'm not a patient person (but praise God that He's working in me!). but now, I feel so at peace. I'm content. I know that God has good things coming and some things are for this season and others for another. which is fine by me -- in fact, it's great & wonderful & the best because I trust God and His timing. I know He has the best for me and has an abundance of blessings and good things for my life. learning to be grateful for this season here and to understand that some doors are closed for a reason.

AH. I just can't get enough of God. He is blowing me away and rocking my world and knocking my socks off. He's given me a hunger for His word and a fire for His people. I'm learning about my calling. I have been anointed by Jesus! & I'm so excited to see all that He continues to do in my heart and life this year. "He who promised is FAITHFUL!" He is faithful to complete the good work He began in me and my life, and that alone is cause to rejoice.

waiting & seeking & tasting of His goodness & seeing crazy things happen in my life.

it's a really cool place and I'm just blown away by all that God has done in my heart.

praise Jesus for who He is! grateful for this season of life that I'm in.

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  1. He is ever faithful. Praise His Name!!
    Praying for you, hun, as you let yourself be molded and guided by our Maker! Let me know if you ever need to talk! <3