sunday night thoughts.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

and here's something I'm wondering.

who says that we can't adore imperfections?

because :

the cowlick that is every bit of its name in the part of my hair is my favorite.
it's messy and bothersome sometimes, yes.
but i've had it since i was little,
and that is enough to be proud of it, because i've carried it from six into sixteen.

would you be embarrassed if i told you i check for laugh lines by my eyes?
i look in mirrors and give my best red carpet grin and pretend there are creases that say i laugh.
 most people don't want crows feet.
but i'm not most people.

that bump on the ridge of my nose?
i secretly love it.
i read somewhere that almost every woman hates her nose. i used to.
but there's something about hearing, "you have the maxson nose!"
that makes me feel like i'm home.

if this was chocolate mousse, i'd be swirling my spoon in the empty glass.
I can't get enough of freckles.
i count the ones on my nose and wait until summertime when they're as thick as paint splatters
i love finding them on my cheeks. would you laugh if i said that they're sun kisses?
(i'll wax poetic anyways and learn to say it in ten different languages, because freckles are my fav)

what's the deal with perfection anyways?
i know this : it's vastly overrated.


  1. yes, yes, yes. :) love this, Hannah. it's so true! accepting ones self is so important. :)


  2. I know! <3 There are some imperfections that are just so precious. Like this birthmark on my cheek - strange, maybe. And yeah, it does look like acne sometimes. But to know it's been on me since birth is kinda cool to me. :)

    Oh, freckles! Mine are by the millions and about the size of a pinprick. I wish they were bigger & more plentiful but I'll have to get used to it and just spend more time in the sun I guess, huh? ;)


  3. Hannah, this is beautiful, as are you. xoxo.

  4. this reminded me of that quote by marilyn monroe: "imperfection is beauty", and made me want to go and write about some of my own. so inspirational, you are. xx

  5. love love love this. i have two scars on my face and a few sparse freckles that aren't very visible. learning to love my imperfections. :)

  6. once upon a time a boy told me i was perfect. i laughed and kissed his nose. silly boy, don't you know that there's no such thing as a perfect person? don't you know that it's the variety and the uniqueness and the so-called imperfections that make a person beautiful? i held his hand and traced his fingers across the scar on my right cheek and told him the story of a six year old girl racing a six year old boy out to recess and how the boy let the door swing into the girl's face. i told him how you can only see my scar in certain lights, but i love it because of the stories it held.

    he sighed and said, well you're perfect for me.
    silly boy, don't you know there's no such thing?

  7. oh oh oh Hannah. yes. freckles are my favorite too. perfection is overrated. and this is beautiful.

  8. I have a hard time accepting my imperfections. You're an inspiration to embrace those extra freckles on my nose in the summertime, my added height in comparison to my friends or my hair, mousy brown and dull in contrast to the born wave and curl that some lucky girls have. These imperfections are my own, and if I have to live with them, I might as well love them. Maybe not today, but someday.

  9. I think I would probably have to read this everyday to engrave this in my brain, that nobody is perfect, and we all have imperfections we don't like. I've never liked the bump on my nose either, and I've probably thought subconsciously for the past 3 years that if I could lose 10 pounds...well, you get the idea. It's so hard to just live with your imperfections and love them, rather than hate them and try to change. Thank you so much for this, Hannah. <3