my life as a poem.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

inspired by the lovely abby

I am the dripping faucet.
I am the leaking boat.
I am the dropping gauntlet.
I am the faded coat.

I am the deepening twilight.
I am the sky pulled blue.
I am the first wide-eyed sight.
I am the beauty of the new.

I am the tangled hair.
I am the days of dreams.
I am the wind in air.
I am the soft split seams.

I am the longing morning.
I am the quiet night.
I am the gentle warning.
I am the heavy fight.

I am the ink touched fingers.
I am the paint brushed dry.
I am the hello that lingers.
I am the hush of a lullaby.

I am the singing sparrow.
I am the light of evening.
I am the whistling arrow.
I am the blue of leaving.

I am the unclosed front door.
I am the bare feet come spring.
I am the whistling of the moor.
I am the quiet winters bring.

I am the long adventure.
I am the break of dawn.
I am the brave new venture.
I am the beginning of a song.

I am the nerves backstage.
I am the hands that knead.
I am the smell of sage.
I am the rubbed clay bead.

I am the wild wood berry.
I am the shivery night sky stars.
I am the breathless song danced merry.
I am the first strum of guitars.

I am the late night lazy.
I am the campfire smoke.
I am the morning mist hazy.
I am the heart no longer broke.

I am the mountains grown tall.
I am the last poem you ever loved.
I am the photo on the wall.
I am the kiss of those beloved.

I am the filled journal pages.
I am the golden afternoon.
I am the stories told for ages.
I am the first day of june.

I am the hills of purple heather.
I am the dirt under your nails.
I am the seas stormy weather.
I am the forgotten lonely trails.

I am the sound of a shutter.
I am the smell of home.
I am the words you'd never utter.
I am the traveler, alone.


  1. oooh, i love this. a lot. :) i might have to do it.
    my favorite:
    "I am the late night lazy.
    I am the campfire smoke.
    I am the morning mist hazy.
    I am the heart no longer broke."

  2. ahh, this is fantastic. i think i'll print it out and put it on my inspiration wall. xx

  3. This is lovely! I haven't written a poem in ages... & now I really want to. :)

    eve @ essence of eve

  4. so beautiful. now i totally want to do this.


  5. I'm sorry, I feel like I'm the only one who hasn't been understanding these "I am" poems. :/ I really want to. Maybe you could help me understand what it means when you say that you are these things? Maybe help me understand one of the sections that you wrote? I've been reading them, but I'm at a loss to know what this all means. I guess I'm not a poet. Haha

  6. so gorgeous hannah. ♥ i second jess's comment. ;)

  7. THIS. for realll you get me every time.

  8. Ah, Hannah, this is gorgeous! I'm so glad you felt inspired to write a poem like mine. I had no idea that it would touch or inspire anyone, I figured it was just a poem that I wrote one night, nothing more. And I also love that yours rhymes... I'm not that brilliant! ;)

  9. I am the blue of leaving.
    kills me every time.