winter's gathering.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'll bring the sun across the snow
the sweeping light from down below
the swoop of a bird across the sky
the dancing dust of winter's eye

a cup to clink and tea to brew
the warmth for hands burned blue
I'll bring laughter, you bring cheer
I'll bring coming, you bring here

and in the swiftly darkening night
I'll bring the candle's yellow light
while under the stars soft, looping lusk
the moon paints the world deep with dusk.

some winter poetry.
(lusk means lazy, just so you know :) )


  1. hannie girl, when are you going to release your poetry book to the world? *smile* you are indeed a poetess, m'dear. xx's.

  2. Ah, I love your poetry. <3 The depth of feeling & emotion is always so present in it. Truly lovely, Hannah.

  3. hannersss (which I'm going to start calling you from now on, okay? okay.) this is so so so beautiful. undoubtedly one of your best poems. is there anything you're NOT good at? yeah I didn't think so. ;)

  4. Hananah, I love this! Lusk is such a beautiful word, and this is such a beautiful poem. You're the sweetest <3

  5. Oh, also? I think I just typed Hananah! That is what I call one of my sweet friends at school, Hananah-rhymes-with-banana. Which I guess suits you, because of all the banana ice cream?

  6. beautiful. and really moving, in a way. i think good poetry should stir your soul and make you want to live more. like this one did to me. :)