and so we pray.

Monday, December 31, 2012

two weeks of sickness.
brennan, caleb, grace, eli, and I are recovering...slowly.
samuel has influenza A and is going down to Children's hospital right now.
the doctors don't know what's wrong with Chloe and it's possible (most likely) she'll be staying overnight at the hospital.
my parents are both sick but not down and out.
and so we pray.

for healing, for strenght, for peace.

please be praying for our family. this has been one of the hardest Decembers yet.
it hurts my heart so bad that Sam is going to the hospital.


  1. most certainly lifting up the family right now.
    also, this is the song that i always give people when they're not feeling their best: "when you've got trouble" - liz longley.
    because when you've got trouble, hannie-girl, i've got trouble, too. love you always. <3

  2. praying!! my family has been sick pretty much all this December/part of November & just fully recovered over last week. my little brother (he's three - Sam's age :) was up several nights in a row with really high fever. so I can definitely feel for you. get better soon!!

    hugs, eve

    p.s. I've been listening to Downhere (they're an awesome christian band) a lot this month, & your post made me think one of their songs - 'for the heartbreak'. it's always been a favourite of mine because it talks about not only being thankful during the hard times, but also FOR the hard times - something we often forget. anyways, I hope it encourages you. <3

  3. Praying, Hannah! Sicknesses are so hard. I'm praying for strength and healing.