things I'm grateful for

Monday, December 31, 2012

because now, more than ever, I need this list

chamomile tea with honey
dutch baby pancakes in the oven
classical music on pandora
our nice new TV to watch movies on
sweet packages from wonderful friends in the mail
being able to clean (after weeks on the couch, it was wonderful)
the beauty of Chloe's new kitchen aid on the counter
candles flickering like Christmas on the ledge
our Christmas tree trunks on the table, all the way back to 2006
watching silly and wonderful chick flicks with chloe and grace yesterday (& quoting almost every line)
that samuel is NOT in the hospital for something celiac disease related
chloe being able to rest up and do fun things at grandma's
encouraging emails and messages (I can't tell you how much they bless me)
thinking about next year
The Message Bible (& the Bible in general)
heartbreak and grief (because it makes you stronger, helps to shape who you are. and in my weakness, He is perfect strength)
playing Just Dance 4 with Grace and Chloe (& looking like idiots while dancing, no doubt)
warm sweatshirts
a clean room
starting resolutions to eat healthy...tomorrow :)
hot water
my moleskine, almost filled
my family


  1. thank you for sharing this list, hannah. your family has been in my prayers for a while and continues to be. you're such a lovely girl & your family sounds really wonderful too, and i'm praying that you all heal up real soon. hugs & blessings for 2013! :)

  2. Sending so many hugs your way, Hannah. No doubt, these past few weeks have been hard for your family, but I know that they will improve soon. Drink lots of tea, and cry if you need to.

  3. i've never had a dutch baby. ever ever ever. and it's sad.
    and you know what? good on you. good on you for finding good amidst and amongst the not-so-fantastical situations. and good on you for just... being you. yeah.
    i like you. just saying.