who me?

Sunday, December 30, 2012

& so I guess i've always been an artist
sometimes with paper, sometimes with words
sometimes with pictures but always telling
learning to see the gold in the gritty
there's always shine. the trick is seeing,
not just looking.
open your eyes and keep your head up,
see how wonderful the world is.
open your heart and be
bold and brave.

(sick, so I write rambles and bad poetry and cheesy prose and stuff like that. also, I made this space pretty, because I can)


  1. Rambles and bad poetry and cheesy prose are the best. Sometimes you need that bad beginning to edit into something amazing.

    And, for what it's worth? Your bad stuff is most peoples best.

    (and I love the new design. I SEE GLITTER!)

  2. Bad poetry and cheesy prose? Not at all. I agree with Libby, your cheesy stuff is most people's best.



  3. I really like that you made it pretty just because. it makes me smile. :)