hope is very real, i am reminded.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

maybe it's ugly
maybe it's dark
maybe it's hard
maybe it's uncomfortable
but it's real

we cannot hide in the midst
of our own little
homes, squirreling
ourselves away like
we! are somehow better;
no. we do not live in
disney land
and this is
no vacation

if you have a voice
you are to speak
if you have a song
you are to sing
if you have a mission
you are to go

you are a voice to
those who have none;
why are you whispering or
not speaking at all?

were you once --
your ripped, aching, bleeding,
tarnished, dirty, empty,
broken heart --
healed, freed, made new, made whole,
redeemed, by Christ.

(go now, my
child) He says (you
are my hands and

but Lord!

(i have given
because you are
give because
you are mine)

but Lord!

(i have a purpose for
and it's your choice to
walk away or
follow me)

you are not mute
you are not deaf
you are not blind
you are not lame
do not pretend you
cannot speak, hear, see, do

not that, Lord!
it's too hard. someone
else can --

(you are someone else)

it is dark and

(but it is very real)
I am reminded.

my hands
are closed; i live
tight-fisted. it is
too much to
(you are not alone)
I am reminded.

but Lord, there is so much
evil! what can i, just one
(hope is very real,
have i not called you like

there are so many
broken hearts
ripped, scribbled, tattered,
my heart weeps; and
with my one
life -- what? Lord, what
am i to do?

(have i not called you like
Moses? when you
pass through the waters
i will be with you)

i didn't ask
for this, God!
i just want a
normal life, who am
i to speak?

(i have given you a
voice so you may
speak for
those who cannot.
my child)

my voice is fragile
(i am your strength)

what will i
say, Lord?

(have i not called you like
i will give you
words to speak - i have
given you words to speak;
do not let them go

these are real people
these are real hearts
this is real brokenness

hope is very real.
i am reminded.

read some of Christian Caine's book, Undaunted, and feeling my heart break for those caught in sex and human trafficking. this poem is for me. to challenge myself. to dare myself. to remind myself. how can I know of such evil and pain and sorrow and pretend it does not exist, hiding in my own little home? how can i, who am made free in Christ, pretend that i do not have a life to give? sex trafficking and human trafficking is a dark and uncomfortable subject and unfortunately, it is very real. but hope is very real and the Gospel is very real and Jesus is the most real of anything, ever. He has the power to break all chains, to loosen all bonds, to heal, free, and redeem everyone and every circumstance.

break my heart for what breaks yours.

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot


  1. Oh gosh Hannah.

    This is too beautiful to be real. And too real to be beautiful. And garsh I just love it os much.

  2. this reminded me to be reminded that hope is indeed very real.

  3. By far the most beautiful piece of yours I've read. So real and honest.

  4. I guess just amen, is all. To have eyes that are open is a great gift, and hope of Jesus Christ, the greatest.

  5. Did you write the poem Hannah? It's beautiful. So beautiful. So encouraging.