and after all this time

Monday, December 10, 2012

and after all this time
we will still say
love prevailed
(dry your cry eyes
little one, my
shoulder is here)
he says

and after all this time
we have only broken
fifteen plates, a
record unmatched
broken plates are
better than hearts
(and yours is
already chipped enough
by this chapped world)
he says

and after all this time
we still dance
in the kitchen
my jeans are coated
with flour, cakes make
a mess, and
i am a clumsy dancer,
but you laugh. love
to take me in your arms
(you are always beautiful
my ballerina)
he says

and after all this time
we wear our laugh lines
like crowns. we can say
it is good, tears
softened our eyes and
it is good,
love prevailed and
it is good,
(and only the brave do
not give up)
he says

and after all this time
we can say, yes
i am in love,
is it hard? yes,
life is better for it,
(cracks are better
than breaks and
mark life in wisdom)
he says

and i taste the dust
on my tongue that says
promise and past of days to last.
my life is tied up in memories
and in those moments
we love every

and after all this time
i love you,
more so every
day until my
heart aches
(and i you)
he says


  1. this poem is achingly beautiful, Hannah. I love the way you put words together, I love your zest for life.

  2. i'm speechless. this is oh, so sweet i truly don't know what to say, dear hannah. beautiful, m'dear.


  3. Oh so lovely. I want to hold this poem close to my heart always.

  4. This is beautiful. I will reread this several times. xx

  5. i read, i cry, i read more, i cry, i bookmark, i cry, i read again, i cry, and then i read and cry some more.
    basically these are going to be my wedding vows.
    basically you are fantastic.
    i'm like, bawling.

  6. no words for the wonderfulness. *hug hug hug*

  7. what a beautiful poem. i love this. you really captured a moment in your words.


  8. my heart is thumping and beating so fast now.

  9. oh hannah, this is really beautiful. you've woven a picture that every girl wants to hear, and you did it incredibly well.

  10. Hannah, this is lovely. I love the bits in brackets at the end; that structure in a poem is always a favourite of mine. I've always wondered if there's a proper term for this structure/technique -- do you know? It feels very e.e. cummings.

    1. thanks libby. I confess I'm probably the worst to know proper technique and structure, but I do love e. e. cummings. :)