coffee shop.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I am alone but not lonely. tell me,
how can i be? i am a part
of the passing glances of strangers, grabbing
coffee cups in four sizes for fifty eight
kinds of heartbreak, (number three:
a sun setting suddenly on familiar
red wind fields come autumn, the
same, every year, the difference, every year.
number eighteen and a half: the first laugh of your baby,
the last word before a goodbye. inexplicably
intertwined with how your face feels creases)
every hello, i manage to slip
my hand into, i find a way to whisper
my name into lapses of conversation, if
only to say, "I am
the door opens and closes for people,
friends, lovers, strangers, all
saying good day, and i am somewhere
no where, now here, a part
of the dust in the air from
boots treading dirty roads, a single
fluttering breath in these
minute exchanges meaning
everything and yet nothing at once.
this, you spill accidentally, not unlike,
the stains leaving rings in your journal,
still bitter when the smell leaves your
fingers. i stay long
after the doors have shut, and always
choose the oldest leather chair
to unravel my worries into, spilling
them alongside sips of
a lattee foamed with milk. is
there anything lovelier? my name is written
in sharpie on the side. i read between
the lines of every letter and write
a poem for each barista that
scribbles the h in my name with a swoop,
for the ones who scrawl the letters tightly,
a love song. there are white pages
before me bound in the third journal
i've used in two years. look, do you see the
blue sky, washed clean after rain?
outside. if you wait, it will ring gold and
how can i (you) be lonely, when you
sit next to a window?


  1. I just don't know how you do that - but that's beautiful...

  2. the first line. oh i've felt that so many times.

    also, this just increases my coffee shop fever. i really wanna go to one.

  3. this is a lovely poem, hannah. i adore it. much. <333

  4. i should really spend more time in coffeeshops. (starbucks or not.) this is pretty :)

  5. This is lovely. Coffee shops are so homey. <3

  6. Gosh, I love this so much, partly because I'm sitting in Starbucks right now!!


  7. love spending time in coffee shops. they're the best place to people-watch.

    this was beautiful, hannah. :)

  8. can you please write a book? dead serious. this is like, mezmorizing words. my gosh.