Saturday, April 6, 2013

is there anything
that sits better
on your skin than
the feeling after
a good run?
it's contradictory
to what vogue
says, yes, but
i alway feel
beautiful after
finishing one.


  1. if only i ran, or liked running for that matter.
    i think i'll relate this to the bike rides (or insanity workouts) i've been doing recently.

  2. i want to try to pick up running. it sounds exhilarating. :)

  3. I haven't gone running in weeks. I SO want to get back to doing it because I always feel so much better when I do. And you're right, I do feel healthier and stronger and more beautiful after a good run/workout. :))



  4. YES, I know what you mean...it's so hard running, but at the end you're so thankful you pushed yourself to do it!

  5. Agreed. There is absolutely nothing more exhilerating. No matter how lousy my day may have been after a run I always feel energized, cheerful and ready to take on anything. Thee cheers for running!

  6. this explains why i love runnning(:

  7. i love to run! the feeling of running and pushing yourself too is a sensational feeling. :) and i love that feeling of accomplishment!

  8. The human body can do so much... it's amazing how detailed our Creator is!