an introduction of sorts.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


if you're reading this, welcome to my new little, personal space. i've had a tumblr for a few months now, but it's gotten to be too much. i'm exhausted with trying to keep up and stay on top of social media. i'm bone weary with popularity games and fads and the new biggest and best thing. i'm tired of ingesting image after image or word after word and not digesting. intaking so much noise and media and information and thinking it's inspiration, when instead it's just like eating candy. buckets and buckets and mounds and mounds and vats and vats of candy.

all i've ended up with is a stomach ache and a taste for something real. whole.

i want to live life to the FULL (john 10:10). with God-given fullness of joy. delighting in Him. living (really living) a life that matters.

i'm tired of things that are meaningless. i'm tired of wasting time on things that don't matter. i want my life to matter and what i do to matter, because i'm living my life for the only one who matters. i want to be inspired be real life. i want to live a full rich life, so that when i'm at the end of my days i can hold out empty hands and say, "Lord, I've used all that you gave me up."

pinterest, twitter, tumblr, flickr, Facebook, blogger, google+, email, instagram, blogs, websites.

there is so much noise in this world.

my heart yearns for a quiet place.

somewhere i can share photos
somewhere i can share words
somewhere i can share what's on my heart

a quiet place where i don't have to worry about what people will think.


i want this to be a small, still, quiet place. no pressure.

so. let's start with beginnings.

my name is hannah.

you can call me hannie-girl.

i love classical music.

i don't like being late.

i still can't drive (and that's okay).

i should eat better, but i love ice cream too much.

i write and photograph and play piano and sing.

i am tired of fakiness and popularity games and trendy fads.

i just want to be me.

i love Jesus and am learning to love him more everyday.

i am a fan of coffee but tea is my favorite. and don't even get me started with chai.

i can't wait to be a wife and mom someday.

i want to make art that matters. i want to take photos that matter. i want my photos to be an honest reflection of real life, imperfect as they are, imperfect as it is. a small and true story of a deeper story.

i like red lipstick and i used to have really long hair but i cut it shorter now.

i love my family and i love my friends and i am so grateful and so blessed.



  1. Hannah, you are so amazing. I love this girl. I literally smiled as I read this whole thing and I'm so excited to be apart of this blog. Love you so much. :)

  2. dearest hannie-girl,

    i'm so honored to be reading this right now. so honored that you would trust me to be a part of this space.

    i'm so blessed to be your friend. you've inspired and encouraged me in so many ways. i can't even say how excited i get when i open up my inbox and see an email from you with the subject "writing." i'm honored that you've shared it with me.

    thank you so much for being such a wonderful woman and friend. i love you loads.

    so excited to see more of this.

    love, katie.

  3. Dear Hannah,
    Thank you for sharing this with me. I know that your intentions for this are to have this simple place, but I cannot help but say that I think you have a beautiful soul. Your quiet and joyful spirit and the way you break away from the things of this world are actually inspiring.
    You really are.

    With love,

    lillian rachel.

  4. Hannah, you are such an inspiration.
    I am so honored to be a part of this blog, to be able to read the words from your heart. And I am SO excited for you, girl! <3

  5. Hannah, you are such a blessing. I say that because you constantly encourage me through what your write and your testimony of Christ working in your life. I don't have many Christian friends so when I come and read what you write I love it because I am able to be encouraged. And your words bless my heart. I love what you said: "I want my life to matter and what I do to matter, because I'm living my life for the only one who matters." So true.

    I can relate with a lot of the things you mentioned about yourself, I can't drive yet either,
    I love classical music too, tea is my favorite, and I also want to be a mom and wife name a few. :)

    I Love what you write and look forward to reading your posts now that i'm following.

    Blessings, friend!