to be a mama

Saturday, September 22, 2012

i can't wait to be a mama someday. a mama to kiss and cuddle and comfort my own littles, to protect them and pray over them, and to tickle and laugh with them. i can't wait to make forts with them and have blueberry pancake mornings and play silly games and stay up late watching movies. i dream of braiding their hair (or spiking it for my someday little boys :)) and tucking them into bed at night and reading them stories and getting messy painting pictures and going on adventures with my little family.

i am praying for my future husband
for my future children
for my future family

and i am so excited. to me, there is no greater career than to be a mama .


  1. exactly my heart right now <3 I can't wait for that day that I find out that I am a Mama

  2. You are going to be an amazing mom, Hannah. You have an amazing mom who has taught you. (And she's teaching me.) I can't wait to be a wife and mom.

    (and, p.s. I'll drive my kids to Colorado/Minnesota to see yours. ;))