we walk into winter's daybreak.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

we walk into winter’s daybreak.

and it's these simple things that i will miss
though i hold them close in hands already
forgetting how to let go.
(i’m a conundrum) a riddle caught;
in the joy of the chase and the trap,
the home of a heart steeped too far in nostalgia.

i will not go bitter into the day because of
moments no longer mine.
i will not crouch in fear on my step, for
lack of familiarity. how much longer will
we live in togetherness not really seeing, to
simply be in the understanding of what
we need is

four hundred and forty eight days, i pretend
not to count on my fingers but i am
too slow to hide. please don’t mistake this
for happiness, because i am
tangled tangled tangled in what is to
come. direction is different than destination and
there are roads
and paths
and places in between yet, my head hurts
because i cannot find the roadmarks to home
on any map.

these days are the songs i could
never sing of birds i could never keep and already
autumn has ended. composed of what i will miss
the most, no matter how hard i try,
i can only play broken notes on a piano too
old to stay properly in tune.

it will be the same,
it's easy to say, but a packed suitcase and a
room no longer called my own
put me as a traveler.

in the end,
birds are meant
to leave their nests and spring
does not hide her face forever though
it is changed,
each time.


  1. loved this, hanners. especially the last verse. beautiful.

  2. L.O.V.E. So poetic :) Girl, we need to grab Sbux and talk life soon!! Deep life, beautiful life, heart life. xoxo

  3. This is gorgeous! Simply simply beautiful.

  4. Hannah. this is so perfect. You're basically my favorite poet ever.

  5. I just realized I never commented before but going back through your writing tag on this blog, I stumbled on this piece again and had to say something.
    This is my favorite thing you've written because I feel it all. I don't even know if what I'm getting is what you were trying to say but I think we all interpret what we read in a way that speaks to us personally, and this just really speaks to me. You have a way with words, my dear. :)