Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"The point is the Lord has called us to a lifestyle, it's not a lifestyle simply for the sake of successful ministry, so that we can see miracles. That's part of it, but that's a the fruit of what we are being summoned for. We are being summoned because we are people made in His image, who represent an aspect of His nature, that unless it is expressed in the earth, there is an aspect of God's person that people will never see. And you and I each carry uniqueness in design and person and gifting.

We've been stating a lot lately that when a person discovers who God designed them to be, they would never want to be anyone else. There's another layer to that. When a person discovers who God designed them to be, truly sees it, they will never compromise their life for inferior things. Because the significance of God's design is so great that everything else pales in life by comparison, everything else is simply counterfeit.

And so the Lord is summoning us into, first of all, a quest, the quest for more. The quest that sometimes wakes up in the night, that quest, the cry where we say, "Lord, we want you to do something deeper in us." And we learn to live in that place of abiding presence." - Bill Johnson

Wrecked tonight.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this quote, Hannah! Where did you get it? From a book? ...........
    I MUST READ IT! :)

    1. Bethel podcasts! It's a recent sermon by Bill Johnson. You can listen to it here. It's called The City on the Hill. :)

  2. this is really inspiring and true :) thanks for sharing this quote!

  3. oh goodness. this is tugging at my heartstrings. how often have i woken up or been kept awake at night by that very yearning for something deeper, closer, wilder?
    love you for sharing this, hannie-girl. i'll be sure to give that podcast a listen.

  4. oh my.
    gotta listen to that podcast.

  5. how perfect was this for me to read today. my daily bread. thank you.