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Sunday, May 5, 2013

a few bits and pieces...
+ last week, I went to Maryland to visit ellie & go to kristen's storytime workshop. some of the best eight days ever. more (so much more) later.
+ I launched my new website & blog! eek eek eek EEEEEEEK. been on my heart for such a long time. so bittersweet to say goodbye to aspire / hannah nicole, my original blog, finally, but good to have a new beginning and I'll say it and be cliche, a new chapter. letting go and learning it's a good thing.
+ that being said, excited to have this little space for personal stuff. having clearly defined professional & personal blogs is already so good for me.
+ I almost stopped blogging but just couldn't give up this place and small space. blogging for me is going to look differently for a bit and again, I'm learning that's okay. I'm not a blogger but I am a storyteller and artist and photographer and writer who has a blog, so I'm not going to try to fit myself into what a blogger "should" look like or "should" do. I'm content with who I am and realizing that while I love it, blogging is not as big a part of my life anymore and it's a bittersweet but good realization.
+ the 85mm has replaced the 35mm in my bag and I am so okay with that.
+ also, thinking of summer projects and I keep coming back to writing and I'm trying to figure out what that means / what I'd like to do, but a book has been on my heart (okay, I have a lot of things on my heart) and I don't know if that would happen or what that would mean but it's something I'm thinking about. (that being said...well...there's a lot that I've been dreaming about lately)
+ I bought a curling wand and it's pretty much the best thing to happen to me since black coffee.
+ I had an incredible engagement shoot last night with two of the sweetest / funniest / down-right-wonderful people ever and it was just incredible for my soul. deep down in my bones, know that this is where I'm supposed to be and I am so grateful.
+ it's sunny and warm and beautiful outside and my heart is about to burst.
have a rich & wonderful Sunday!
xo h


  1. Ahh Hannah, I'm so excited for you! I'm also eagerly awaiting all your Maryland posts and pictures :) I'm glad to have followed you through all of this from Aspire to Hannah Nicole and now this! Change can be a good thing :) You're so inspiring Hannah, have a wonderful week!


  2. so glad you've found a balance between personal and professional, hannah, and SUPER happy that you'll be keeping this blog. i'm excited to see what's in store for you this summer. hopefully we can become better friends, yeah?

  3. excited for you, sweet one! :)

  4. p.sssss -- check your messages on FB. ;)

  5. SO excited to see you venture even more in your business.. your getting(and have always been) SO GOOD. Also, need your hair!

  6. Happy you're keeping this space. It is so lovely to visit and be inspired by your words and photographs.

  7. Hannah!!! Oh goodness me! That was so fun to have you over TO MY HOUSE. :D Lots of fun. :D

    "Yay!" for the new blog! I love it! And I am so happy for youuu. :D


    p.s. "He still likes her over me? SHES A FISH!" ;D

    1. haha, ELIZA I LOVE YOU. gosh, I miss you guys so much. that was such a fun week. :)

  8. I cannot wait for shorelines <3 All this is so wonderful.

  9. Yay! Dreams are so exciting (lots of that going in my heart too. as well as changing of perspectives and horizons and plans. God is so much bigger than I keep fooling myself into thinking He is!). Also, I'm glad you're sticking with this space. :) Love it so much.

  10. AAHH, this just makes me so happy for you!!!! How awesome is your job, Hannah?!?!

  11. so lovely. and yes, I just bought a curling wand recently, and it has got to be the best thing that has ever happened to my hair.